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    Joel Stewart

    Hi Godwin, 

    We have seen occurrences of the following exception from Teradata: "Teradata code 3933 The Maximum Possible Row Length in the Table is too Large". Is that the exception that you're seeing? 

    Because of that exception, we do have a special note in our documentation for exporting data to Teradata on this page: https://documentation.datameer.com/documentation/display/DAS60/Exporting+Data#ExportingData-exportingDataExportingData

    In summary, Datameer exports strings with a size of 8019 bytes (maximum size) so if exporting more than 8 string columns it's important that the Teradata target table be created outside of Datameer with the required schema. 

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  • godwin

    Thanks Joel.  As long as I use existing table to insert data I don't have this issue.

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