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  • Joel Stewart

    Hi there! Since you mention HQL, I assume that you're interested in the recently released JDBC Generic (Hive Server2) configuration. The steps are outlined in that link to our documentation.

    In summary, you'll need a Connection (to Hive's JDBC capabilities) artifact in Datameer. Once you have access to this JDBC Hive Server 2 Connection, you'll be able to create the next artifact. After that, create the Import Job and specify the HQL into the "Enter SQL Statement" option on the "Data Details" step. 

    If you're not looking for the JDBC equivalent, we have other Hive connections built into the product as well that can bring in Hive tables fully. These are outlined in our documentation here: Hive

    Hope this helps! 

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  • alfred curtis

    Thank you very much Joel for the information and Links. I will take a look now. Much appreciated.

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