How can I connect to an HTTPS server with authentication by client certificate



  • Gido

    Hello Michael,

    I understand your request as follow:

    • There is a webserver running, serving HTTPS
    • The server is configured for <auth-method>CLIENT-CERT</auth-method>
    • The initiator of the connection, either the Datameer application during connection or job setup, or the Data Nodes executing later the from Datameer compiled job, should be able to present a client.cert

    Overall your are looking for Certificate-Based Mutual Authentication? Please correct me if I got something wrong. 

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  • Michael Ahn

    Hi Gido,

    as I learned today it is even worse. The authentication with the client cert is done with an entitlement server which provides authentication cookies for the SOAP Web-Service. So currently I think the only way to support this is with an new plugin.

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