Datameer Git Integration


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    Joel Stewart

    It may be a permissions issue on the Linux FS to access the parent directories for the /home/jkris03/versioning/datameer_git directory. Can you double check the permissions for /home, /home/jkris03 and /home/jkris03/versioning? I suspect there may be restrictions to the /home/jkris03 directories as this is common with home directories. 

    It is important that the Datameer service account user have access to these parent directories. 

    Generally speaking, I would recommend installing the Git versioning repository in a similar path to Datameer itself. For example, if Datameer is installed in /opt/datameer/current perhaps the versioning should be installed in /opt/datameer/versioning and the /opt/datameer parent directory would be owned by the Datameer service account user (recursively). 

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