Where datameer stores artifacts path or folder path?



  • Gido

    Hello Kavitha,

    It seems that you are referencing to the UI and File Browser view.

    Since this is representing metadata information, the path


    shown there are virtual ones and stored in the application database only. 

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  • Kavitha

    Hi Gido,


    Thanks for your reply. I know the artifacts are displaying in UI, but I am wondering where these information is stored under the hood either in datameer server or database.

    If it is from datameer server, where I can find these structure by going to the datameer server.

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  • Konsta Danyliuk

    Hello Kavitha,

    As was mentioned by Gido, folder structure represented in Datameer UI is virtual and doesn't exist in HDFS or Datameer server. Datameer keeps real data based on artefacts types, independently from its representation in UI.

    For example, if you open Datameer private folder in HDFS or local folder (if you use embedded cluster mode), you would see only folders for corresponding item types:

    • exportjobs
    • importjobs
    • fileuploads
    • workbooks

    Virtual folder structure, you see in Datameer UI is a metadata. You could view it via Datameer database only, e.g. via the query:

    select * from folder;


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