Unable to install Datameer on Windows. When the setup was initiated, install4j sarted running, but later it stopped showing "could not open file bin/server/Xusage.txt"



  • Shebin Scaria

    Sorry, I was unable to add infromation in details, hence included it in the title. I had installed "Datameer-6.1.23-apache-2.6.0-64bit" version. When the setup (.exe) was initiated, install4j started running, but later it stopped showing an error: "could not open file bin/server/Xusage.txt".

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  • Konsta Danyliuk

    Hello Shebin,

    Whether you've used this Datameer-6.1.23-apache-2.6.0-64bit.exe to install Datameer before?

    Perhaps you could validate whether installation file isn't corrupted by checking its MD5 sum. How To Validate The MD5 Checksum Of A File

    orrect MD5 sum for Datameer-6.1.23-apache-2.6.0-64bit.exe is 5b3112084fbe7c037e02c94b53e2f8c7.


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  • Shebin Scaria

    Yes, I had used the exe to install earlier.

    I verified the MD5 sum and its matching with the MD5 sum you shared.

    Is there any other solution that can be tried ?

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  • Joel Stewart

    Shebin, is there any more context in the conductor.log file for the instance? It would be helpful to know if there are other errors before the final fatal error. 

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  • Shebin Scaria

    Hi Joel,

    The 2nd line in the error dialog boc was to refer i4j_nlog file for error.

    Below is the log file:

    Started executable D:\Datameer-6.1.23-apache-2.6.0-64bit.exe at Thu Sep 14 17:31:21 2017

    number of sections: 6
    size of optional headers: 240
    resSectionTableStart: 696
    rawDataSize: 2048, rawDataOffset: 323072
    sun.locale.formatasdefault is true
    language/country is en_US
    GetTempPath returned 37 (last error 183)
    make dir returned -1
    change working directory to D:\
    single instance mode
    semaphore name Local\d:_datameer-6.1.23-apache-2.6.0-64bit.exe, code 0, value 0000000000000078
    Init done
    Starting work
    number of sections: 6
    size of optional headers: 240
    resSectionTableStart: 696
    rawDataSize: 2048, rawDataOffset: 323072
    starting at 325120
    verifying integrity length 478630241
    checksums: 2295535998 2295535998 -1999431298 -1999431298
    GetTempPath returned 37 (last error 183)
    make dir returned -1
    tempPath is C:\Users\SSCARIA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\
    tempFile is C:\Users\SSCARIA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\e4j4BEC.tmp
    Temp dir3: C:\Users\SSCARIA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\e4j4BEC.tmp_dir1505403082
    native lib dir is
    GetTempPath returned 37 (last error 183)
    make dir returned -1
    Setting PATH (native libs) C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath;C:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem;C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\Client SDK\ODBC\110\Tools\Binn\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\120\Tools\Binn\;C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\120\Tools\Binn\;C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\120\DTS\Binn\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\120\Tools\Binn\ManagementStudio\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\120\DTS\Binn\
    extracting files
    Included files: 8
    extracting C:\Users\SSCARIA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\e4j4BEC.tmp_dir1505403082\i4jruntime.jar (size: 1022452)
    extracting C:\Users\SSCARIA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\e4j4BEC.tmp_dir1505403082\i4j_extf_0_pw3qew.utf8 (size: 32732)
    extracting C:\Users\SSCARIA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\e4j4BEC.tmp_dir1505403082\MessagesDefault (size: 32732)
    extracting C:\Users\SSCARIA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\e4j4BEC.tmp_dir1505403082\platform.zip (size: 70484)
    extracting C:\Users\SSCARIA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\e4j4BEC.tmp_dir1505403082\i4jparams.conf (size: 1088917)
    extracting C:\Users\SSCARIA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\e4j4BEC.tmp_dir1505403082\user.jar (size: 6591)
    extracting C:\Users\SSCARIA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\e4j4BEC.tmp_dir1505403082\stats.properties (size: 36286)
    extracting C:\Users\SSCARIA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\e4j4BEC.tmp_dir1505403082\jre.tar.gz (size: 29205314)
    extracting files done
    Current working dir: C:\Users\SSCARIA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\e4j4BEC.tmp_dir1505403082
    Full JRE path: C:\Users\SSCARIA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\e4j4BEC.tmp_dir1505403082\jre.tar.gz
    JRE included
    extracting JRE
    extracting bin\awt.dll (size 1503144)
    extracting bin\dcpr.dll (size 159656)
    extracting bin\decora-sse.dll (size 85416)
    extracting bin\deploy.dll (size 478632)
    extracting bin\dtplugin\deployJava1.dll (size 986536)
    extracting bin\dtplugin\npdeployJava1.dll (size 1105832)
    extracting bin\dt_shmem.dll (size 30120)
    extracting bin\dt_socket.dll (size 25000)
    extracting bin\eula.dll (size 136104)
    extracting bin\fontmanager.dll (size 273832)
    extracting bin\fxplugins.dll (size 191912)
    extracting bin\glass.dll (size 197544)
    extracting bin\glib-lite.dll (size 552872)
    extracting bin\gstreamer-lite.dll (size 634792)
    extracting bin\hprof.dll (size 158632)
    extracting bin\installer.dll (size 241568)
    extracting bin\instrument.dll (size 122792)
    extracting bin\j2pcsc.dll (size 18856)
    extracting bin\jaas_nt.dll (size 21416)
    extracting bin\jabswitch.exe (size 55720)
    extracting bin\java-rmi.exe (size 15784)
    extracting bin\java.dll (size 150952)
    extracting bin\java.exe (size 189352)
    extracting bin\JavaAccessBridge-64.dll (size 138664)
    extracting bin\javacpl.exe (size 76200)
    extracting bin\javafx-font.dll (size 319912)
    extracting bin\javafx-iio.dll (size 229800)
    extracting bin\javaw.exe (size 189352)
    extracting bin\java_crw_demo.dll (size 30120)
    extracting bin\jawt.dll (size 14760)
    extracting bin\JAWTAccessBridge-64.dll (size 15784)
    extracting bin\JdbcOdbc.dll (size 64424)
    extracting bin\jdwp.dll (size 202664)
    extracting bin\jfr.dll (size 22440)
    extracting bin\jfxmedia.dll (size 133544)
    extracting bin\jfxwebkit.dll (size 14863784)
    extracting bin\jli.dll (size 157608)
    extracting bin\jp2iexp.dll (size 285096)
    extracting bin\jp2launcher.exe (size 67496)
    extracting bin\jp2native.dll (size 18856)
    extracting bin\jp2ssv.dll (size 210856)
    extracting bin\jpeg.dll (size 185256)
    extracting bin\jsdt.dll (size 18856)
    extracting bin\jsound.dll (size 35752)
    extracting bin\jsoundds.dll (size 31656)
    extracting bin\kcms.dll (size 220072)
    extracting bin\keytool.exe (size 15784)
    extracting bin\kinit.exe (size 15784)
    extracting bin\klist.exe (size 15784)
    extracting bin\ktab.exe (size 15784)
    extracting bin\libxml2.dll (size 640424)
    extracting bin\libxslt.dll (size 209832)
    extracting bin\management.dll (size 34728)
    extracting bin\mlib_image.dll (size 653736)
    extracting bin\msvcr100.dll (size 829264)
    extracting bin\net.dll (size 91560)
    extracting bin\nio.dll (size 59304)
    extracting bin\npt.dll (size 19368)
    extracting bin\orbd.exe (size 16296)
    extracting bin\pack200.exe (size 15784)
    extracting bin\plugin2\msvcr100.dll (size 829264)
    extracting bin\plugin2\npjp2.dll (size 222120)
    extracting bin\policytool.exe (size 15784)
    extracting bin\prism-d3d.dll (size 54696)
    extracting bin\rmid.exe (size 15784)
    extracting bin\rmiregistry.exe (size 15784)
    extracting bin\server\jvm.dll (size 7982504)
    extracting bin\server\Xusage.txt (size 1447)
    ERROR: Could not open file bin\server\Xusage.txt

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  • Joel Stewart

    Thanks for sharing the log in full Shebin. I'm going to work on testing this in more detail in a lab environment. While I'm working on that, I'm curious about the existence and permissions of the "bin/server/Xusage.txt" file itself. Could you share a long listing for quick reference? 


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  • Joel Stewart

    I was able to successfully install this same binary on a Windows 10 x64 without any issues. What's the version of the OS that you're testing with?

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  • Shebin Scaria

    Its Windows 7 64 bit.

    Regarding the "bin/server/Xusage.txt" file:

    1. The system where I am trying to install Datameer and where it is failing doesnt have this file.

    "server" folder only has "jvm.dll" file & this is missing

    2. But in a different Windows 7 64bit system, where Datameer got installed successfully has this file i.e. "server" folder has both "jvm.dll" & "Xusage.txt"

    Please find below the contents of the "Xusage.txt" file:

    -Xmixed mixed mode execution (default)
    -Xint interpreted mode execution only
    -Xbootclasspath:<directories and zip/jar files separated by ;>
    set search path for bootstrap classes and resources
    -Xbootclasspath/a:<directories and zip/jar files separated by ;>
    append to end of bootstrap class path
    -Xbootclasspath/p:<directories and zip/jar files separated by ;>
    prepend in front of bootstrap class path
    -Xnoclassgc disable class garbage collection
    -Xincgc enable incremental garbage collection
    -Xloggc:<file> log GC status to a file with time stamps
    -Xbatch disable background compilation
    -Xms<size> set initial Java heap size
    -Xmx<size> set maximum Java heap size
    -Xss<size> set java thread stack size
    -Xprof output cpu profiling data
    -Xfuture enable strictest checks, anticipating future default
    -Xrs reduce use of OS signals by Java/VM (see documentation)
    -Xcheck:jni perform additional checks for JNI functions
    -Xshare:off do not attempt to use shared class data
    -Xshare:auto use shared class data if possible (default)
    -Xshare:on require using shared class data, otherwise fail.

    The -X options are non-standard and subject to change without notice.

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  • Joel Stewart

    I'm glad to hear that you were able to successfully install on another Windows environment. Are there any notable differences between the machines? Some areas of focus would be the hardware specifications as well as the maintenance patches for Windows itself. 

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  • Shebin Scaria

    No such differences, except antivirus.

    Can Mcafee block some installation features  ?

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  • Joel Stewart

    Antivirus software can definitely block the installation of applications, it is a very powerful application when it comes to restricting resources available. Depending on the version of the antivirus software, you may be able to whitelist Datameer as an application to trust in your environment. The specific instructions for this would come from the antivirus documentation. 

    If your antivirus is managed centrally through an IT organization, you may need permissions from the IT leadership team to activate any whitelisted applications. 

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