Currently unable to handle CUBE, ROLLUP, or GROUPSETS.



  • Alan Mark

    Hi Fenghua,

    You can find all our supported SQL functionality here: Using SQL Sheets: SQL Editor Features

    The error message is correct.  The SQL editor does n't support the CUBE, ROLLUP, or GROUPSETS functionality.

    Keep in mind that when you write a SQL sheet in Datameer, it needs to be converted into Java Hadoop code to be executed on your Hadoop cluster.  Hadoop itself operates on columns, rather than on rows, making certain SQL functionality not possible, such as these operations that create subtotal rows.  

    You will need to create a column that calculates your subtotals either with SQL or with a Workbook.  If using our workbook functionality you can use the GROUPSUM feature to create sums for each GROUPBY within a column.

    You can find our list of all workbook functions here: Alphabetical List of Supported Datameer Functions

    Let me know if you have any other questions!



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  • Fenghua Zhu


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