Refresh File Upload?



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    Saurabh Agashe

    The file upload is meant to work as a one-time upload of data into your environment. Ideally, you would only do a file upload if the data was not going to change ever.

    In the case that it does change, you need to go back through the configuration and re-specify the file that you would like to upload. You can do this by selecting the file upload artifact in the browser, and either right clicking or select the "Configure" icon on the tool bar. Re-select the file you want to re-upload and go through the prompts again.

    This will not require you to change out the source in the workbook. If you need to have a source that you can re-run occasionally, I would suggest setting up an import job for this.

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  • Saurabh Agashe

    Understood thanks.

    I figured out the problem. The file needs to be in the "FileUpload" folder on the left. (at least in our environment it does)

    Initially, I created a project folder containing all the data feeds, Workbooks, and export jobs needed for that specific project. From that project folder, I went through the configuration of the upload file and the upload never fires off. But when I drag the upload file to the "FileUpload" folder and go through the configuration, the re-upload executes --- weird!

    Thanks for the help

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