Combine Individual Workbooks


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  • Anthony Aliffi

    Hi Fred,
    It sounds like you're looking to Join the datasets/workbooks.
    One thing to keep in mind, is that you'll want something that is consistent between the data sets (what we call a Join Key), so that it knows how to appropriately line up the records. A good example of this would be a customer number, linking transitions, with user details.

    First, you'll want to add each dataset to a workbook. This can be accomplished via File -> Add Data (you can even add an existing workbook).
    Next, you'll want to open the Join Dialog via Data -> Join t , which will allow you to select the join type, and the column that contains the Join Key.

    This process can be reviewed in our documentation, with great step-by-step images, from the following link

    Hope this helps!


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