Voice Data Analytics



  • Joel Stewart

    Rahul, thank you for the question.

    Datameer does not have any specific case studies that are sharable, however I am confident that Datameer is an excellent choice for analyzing this type of analysis.

    This assumes that the raw audio format has been converted to a text transcript outside of Datameer. Datameer does not currently have an ingestion type to accept raw audio formatted files. With transcripts and meta-data available about the calls, Datameer is able to create a seemingly infinite number of analytics from this data.

    One interesting example that comes to mind is a sentiment analysis (similar to our Twitter Brand Sentiment App) that could be performed on the call transcripts to gain insight on callers' perspective of one's brand.

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  • Rahul Dhond

    Hi Joel,
    Thank you for letting me know. I will look for audio to text converters.
    If you have any recommendations on that, then please do let me know.
    thanks & regards,

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