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  • Pundir

    Datameer has an extremely simple excel like interface to do data preparation, discovery and analysis.
    Post analysis the product supports a full fledged Visual Designer to create Reports and Infographics to visualize the analysis.
    Users can choose from about 25 different chart types. They can add images, videos, texts, pivot tables, statistics text and about 40 different shapes to create extremely detailed presentations. All charts are interactive and they show detailed statistics by hover overs and tooltips. Complex visualizations can be split into tabs and played as a slideshow if needed.

    The visual designer is entirely point and click and intuitive enough to be used by any Business User in an organization. Users don’t need any special design or data skills. All Infographics or reports created in Datameer can be shared with anybody in the org (or the wider web), no Datameer user login necessary.

    The ability to enable ad-hoc filtering, drilldowns and other data discovery capabilities from the visualizations themselves is on the immediate product road map. Today a user will have to log into the application to add additional filters, charts etc.

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  • Ross Clark

    Thanks for the info Pundir. I look forward to the implementation of the data discovery capabilities. :)

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  • enaven

    I concur that the vizboards aren't as interactive and flexible as required for enterprise consumable reports. Hence the partnership with 'Tableau' to fix this drawback. But since tableau might not be deployed in tandem with datameer, Awaiting your next release of datameer with better visualization features.

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