Data Driven Trigger when *all* conditions are met



  • Jason Arrigo

    Hello Simon,

    This is where you should employ the settings for Data Driven timing. When you select parameters around "If all of the following conditions are met" you can set it so that the workbook will:

    ONLY run when
    [SourceA] is not older than [NOW()-5m]
    [SourceB] is not older than [NOW()-1d]
    [SourceC] is not older than [NOW()-1d]

    What this will ensure is that your workbook will run if and only if all 3 source artifacts have been run within a certain amount of time. In the case of the above example, I know that Sources B and C run daily and Source A is run Manually. I only want my workbook to run in a Data Driven fashion when when someone triggers Source A AND Sources B&C have run in the last day.

    This will control for and make sure that all of your sources need to have run to completion before the Workbook is run.

    I hope this clears up your question.



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  • Phillip H. Middleton

    How does datameer interpret OR logic in selecting multiple triggers? Will the workbook run only once. i.e. when the first change to the data indicated by the trigger changes? Or will it run multiple times, i.e. when each dataset checked changes? 

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  • Alan Mark

    Hi Phillip,

    Trigger conditions are not OR logic, they are AND logic.  All conditions must be met for the trigger to kick off.

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