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  • Frances Angulo

    Hello Enaven! 

    Datameer is equipped with many powerful differentiators, we typically highlight 6 critical points

    1. Wizard-led Integration (anyone can connect virtually any data source!) 
    2. Familiar Spreadsheet Interface
    3. Native on Hadoop (No middleman, no extra hardware) 
    4. Complete Governance (compliance is easy) 
    5. Make the data lake work (the more data the better) 
    6. Truly self service end to end analytics

    Some of our other features that you might not find in other solutions are things like: 

    One of the most important obstacles a big data buyer has to plan for is the ever changing shape of data- schema on read allows users to dynamically adjust their integration and analytics as their questions and business change. There is no need to write schemas, program data structure, or prepare data so that it fits in a tiny box. Datameer allows unprecedented flexibility and future proof solutions. 

    We have 250+ functions built in and over 60+ connectors, but if you want something custom, you can build your own. This is a powerful flexibility feature in the product that makes us stand out as an enterprise application. 

    Take a look at the 'Flipside'. This is a single button press that gives you visual insights about your entire data set instantly- that's a pretty huge deal. You can use this feature to find instant trends in the data, check for data quality, and even discover new directions for your insights. 

     We want to make big data analytics simple enough for everyone to use- every feature we build has the broad audience of 'the curious' in mind. We enable individuals who have questions for data to get their own answers; that's a pretty big differentiator! 



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  • Frances Angulo

    If you go to you should see a 'get demo' button in the top right hand corner. This will connect you with someone from our team to answer your questions, even if you don't need a demo. :) 

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