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    Joel Stewart

    I am unsure that I fully understand the expected result. However, based on the title of this post, I believe that you are interested in the COALESCE function in Datameer. 

    If that does not answer your question, could you please share a bit more detail about your expected results from the example in the screenshot?

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  • Adam Morgan

    Nice. What formula did you use?

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  • Jason Arrigo

    Wait. Do you want to Merge Multiple columns into one? CONCAT them? replace values? Make a LIST column? Or are you just showing off? :D

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  • Frances Angulo

    @Adam Morgan I believe Jason is referring directly to the CONCAT function. If an aggregate precedes the concatenation request, GROUPCONCAT can be used. That will provide the following results: 


    From separate column values: 

    | Column A | ColumnB | Column C |  

    To a list value in a single column: 

    [ColumnA,ColumnB, ColumnC] 

    The value will be returned as a LIST type and you can reference individual items using the LISTELEMENT function and an index starting at 0. 

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