Comparing Dates



  • Joel Stewart

    I recommend doing any date-type comparisons as DATE objects rather than STRING objects. Strings require that the format of the date is in descending order of magnitude for calendar values (year, month, day) and ensure that leading-zeros are used too.

    The example you shared is a good example of why a month-day-year organization in a string will not produce the correct results:

    • "03/01/2016" is not greater than "03/28/2015" - because "0" is not greater than "2" from the first digit of the days section

    You have two options to correct for this: 

    1. Reformat the date to be yyyyMMdd (descending in magnitude). This ensures that "20160301" is greater than "20150328" because "6" is greater than "5" in the last digit of the year. 
    2. OR, convert the Strings to Date objects in Datameer. Datameer will automatically compare them based on the calendar date for each entry
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  • Krishna Bakka

    Thank you so much.. It is working for me..

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