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    Joel Stewart

    Hi Philip, the unique counts calculation in Flip Side is just an estimate as documented here:

    Counting the number of groups from a GroupBy function will provide the precise count of unique values. 

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  • Philip Grant

    Thanks Joel,

    Follow up question: If I have a string field how can i get an exact count of unique groups?

    Right now, this goofy so prepare yourself, I'm using the groupby function to get my unique groups with a groupcount as function of the groupby and isblank as a function groupcount, which produces a field of false values, which i can groupcount and get the number of groups from my original groupby.  I noticed that the number of groups using this method is equal to the number given for records once the groupby function has been applied. 

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  • Joel Stewart

    There are many ways to do this, most simply it could be accomplished with these two functions in a new sheet:

    This will be a precise count when the workbook runs and you view the Full Data result. Note that the displayed count in the workbook is based on sample data only and may not be precise. 

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