Create HTTP Connection and Import Job to ingest JSON metadata for each workbook



  • Brian Junio



    I believe that we can accomplish your goal, but not without prepping the data in which you'll be ingesting.  


    I suggest reviewing Datameer's API documentation:


    What I am envisioning is using the Workbook's 'List All' API call to build a file containing all of the Workbook IDs.  You'll then iterate through those collected IDs and pass them through the Workbook's 'Read' API call to download the JSON representation for that artifact.  


    Once you have the JSON files in a reachable location, you can create a Datalink/ImportJob in Datameer to ingest them for analysis.  



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  • Venu Reddy

    Hi Nikhil,

    JSON structures are more strict about values, you may have to edit elements before they can be ingested again in a batch format.

    Here is another idea you can explore.

    Combine the individual JSONs into a single file, flatten it to a CSV using a tool such as:

    then, ingest the CSV into an import job. 

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  • Nikhil Srinidhi

    thank you for your prompt response! 

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