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  • Gido


    Hi Aleksandar,

    > What is this status and what does it mean?

    Migration: This happens when you change the partitioning of an Import Job. E.g. if an Import Job was not partitioned and you enable partitioning after data has already been imported, the data will be "migrated", i.e. it will be rewritten with the new partition settings. All Workbooks that use the import will have to wait until the migration is completed, because the Workbook assumes the new folder structure, which has to be fully rebuilt. But this only happens when a user changes the Import Job configuration.

    Compaction: This is an optimization that is running in the background. It will not cause Workbooks to wait. The Workbooks will be able to run and use the existing fragmented data until the compacted data becomes available.

    This means: If you are seeing a Workbook in status "Waiting for Migration" this will be because of migration.

    Just let us know if this answer your question. 

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