• Joel Stewart

    Can you share more details about the exception that you observed? Is there a stacktrace that you can share?

    Also, what is the source of this particular data set? Do you know the protocol version of Parquet that was used to create the data? What is the version of Datameer that you're attempting to read it from (we can lookup the Parquet version Datameer corresponds to)?

    Speaking generally, type exceptions are usually casting errors for specific data sets that are just failing to read a particular record. 

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  • piyush srivastava

    Parquet file we selected is version 2.1. This error "primitive type INT96 is not supported" is occuring in case of table having timestamp field. I tried other table which has only string it din't throw this error.

    This stage we can't modify the structure of table, please advise how to create data link for hive table in this case.

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  • Alan Mark

    Hi Piyush,

    Please be aware that the apache project has deprecated INT96 as a data type.  You can find the details of that here:

    However, we do support this data type in Datameer 6.3 and higher.  Should you want to use INT96, an upgrade to 6.3 is required.

    Let me know if you have any further questions,


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