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  • Alan Mark

    Hi Chris,

    First I just want to double check that when you say export currently, you're doing a "Browse All Data" and then clicking the Download button to get your Workbook data?

    As far as exporting to your local desktop with an export job - you can do this depending on a few factors:

    1. You're going to want a static ip address for your machine.

    2. Your organization doesn't have any firewalls preventing port connections to your host over the desired connection type.

    3. You can then use SSH, or FTP(if you have an FTP server installed such as FileZilla).

    Generally for what you're describing we would recommend exporting to a NAS or SAN storage device that your computer automatically connects to using UNC or third party sync application.  That way you don't need to worry about the fact that your IP changes or possible firewall restrictions.


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  • Chris Martin

    Yes, I use the process of "Browse all data" and download currently.  I will give your suggestions a shot!

    Thank you Alan

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