Split Data import by COALESCE Column?


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  • Joel Stewart

    Artur, thanks for your question. The only additional consideration that comes to my mind is to create a View in the DB2 system if it is available. I haven't tested this directly as I don't have quick access to a suitable system to replicate -- this idea may not be compatible with DB2 directly or may not be compatible with a particular Datameer version. In short, if you can create a view that has the columns pre-defined as a join you may be able to select that as the key for splitting when defining the Import Job or Data Link within Datameer.

    Speaking more generally, I would recommend splitting the task in two and performing the join within a Datameer workbook downstream. This allows your users to be more flexible when selecting the data set. They could select the left set, the right set, or a pre-joined set from a workbook. 

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