Can we do Perform Number formatting on the data



  • Alan Mark

    Hi Kranthi,

    You'd just need to use the CONCAT formula and do the standard multiplication necessary to convert to percentage.


    So, 1 would become 100 and then % would be concatenated.  Likewise 0.9 would become 90 and then % would be concatenated, etc.



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  • Kranthi Kumar Sreeram

    Hi Alan,


    Thanks for the note, As a workaround I had used the same and this changes the datatype of the Filed and hence I am not able to make further aggregations or info graphics using the same filed. 

     I don't want to change the datatype.

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  • Joel Stewart

    The available formatting options for number types are documented here: Formatting Columns notably the only available options are to include a thousands separator and to control the number of decimals displayed. Customized display formatting beyond that is not available currently.

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