Using Rest-Api to run a file-upload


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  • Joel Stewart

    I do not recommend manually adjusting any of the files in Datameer's HDFS directory. This could lead to corruption of your Datameer instance since the data in HDFS may be inconsistent with what is expected from the Datameer "dap" metastore database. This could lead to unpredictable behaviors.

    I strongly recommend ironing out any permissions issues with the files. However, if a scripted approach is required you could put together a solution that still uses HDFS but outside of the Datameer private directory. For example, this scripted approach would be one to consider if the direct network security cannot be agreed to easily:

    1. Create a directory on HDFS to copy the data files to: i.e. /sftp-replacement-files/
    2. Create a Datameer Connection to HDFS to the new directory created in step 1.
    3. Create an Import Job to collect data from the connection created in step 2.
    4. Create a script that performs the following steps:
    • Copy the files from the SFTP locations to the directory from step 1.
    • Run the Import Job from step 3 to ingest the new data.
    • Delete the files copied from the SFTP locations (or archive them) -- the import job keeps a consistent copy in Datameer's private folder

    Does this work-around make sense if the network solution cannot be reached as the first recommendation? 

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