How to download workbook data using REST API?



  • Konsta Danyliuk

    Hello Ramiro.

    I've just tried to download this data from my machine, using my credentials to, via below REST call and got the record in response.

    curl -u '<username>:<password>' -X GET ''

    What exactly REST call have you tried and what tool you've used to execute it?

    If you simply tried to open the URL in your browser and got the error, I would recommend to clear browser cache, restart it, login into and then try to load this URL again.


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  • Ramiro Sandoval

    Actually I have been using Postman to do the request.

     I tried with curl and I have been receiving the same message... See image bellow...  


    I believe that something is wrong with my user. The message said "408 - Invalid Session".



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  • Joel Stewart

    There are restricted privileges for users within the Online Demo system. I just double checked and verified that the Download Data privilege is not added to this role in this environment. This explains why you're observing an exception here. 

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