Dynamic Column selection based on date difference


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  • Konsta Danyliuk

    Hello Souradeep.

    Lets first confirm that I properly got the requirement.

    • You have a SourceSheet with columns date1 date2 P1 P2 P3...P100.
    • You would like to calculate a difference between date1 and date2 in months.
    • Then you want to create a new Sheet for every SourceSheet record where you need to reference a) columns date1, date2datediff (in months) and b) the appropriate number of P columns based on certain criteria.

    If all the above is correct, may I ask you to provide more details on the criteria for P columns reference, please.

    • Whether you need a number of P columns that corresponds to the month difference, e.g. for a 3-month difference, columns P1, P2, P3 should be referenced?
    • Or you need P columns that represent month order numbers for a certain date difference e.g. for date1:01/01/2018 and date2: 01/05/2018 the datediff will be 4 and columns P2(Feb), P3(Mar), P4(Apr) and P5(May) should be referenced?

    Perhaps you could create a source and a result sample (e.g. in Excel) and attach its screenshot?

    It would be also helpful, if you could provide some background on this use-case, what exactly you are trying to process. In this case, I hope, we could offer an alternative approach.


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