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  • Konsta Danyliuk

    Hello Shiva.
    If I properly understand the requirement, perhaps you could start from moving data for different months to separate Sheets, e.g.

    1. Create a duplicate of the Source Sheet.
    2. At this duplicated Sheet introduce a Filter to keep data for a certain month (e.g. January).
    3. Create one mode duplicate and add a Filter to get data for the next month (e.g. February) and so on...

    As soon as you have data separated by month, you could join Sheets with e.g. January and February by the required criteria.

    You also might want to review the following sections of Datameer documentation.

    In case my understanding of the use-case is wrong, please provide more details, preferably with samples of the source data and desired results.

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  • shiva Karat

    Thank you for quick reply

    Much Appreciated

    Thank you Danyliuk


    can you please let me know how to do the below


    I have below requirement can you tell me how to do it in datameer


    Company_A    Company_B   My_Column
    ABC                  ABC                   Existing
                             ABC                    W
    ABC                                              L


    If company_A is equal to Company_B i need to calculate a new column called My_Column and write Existing in it.


    If company_A is empty and Company_B has any value the i need to write a W in my new column


    If a company_A has a value and Company_B has nothing then i need to write L in my new column



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  • Konsta Danyliuk

    Hello Shiva.
    I guess the easiest way, in this case, to use a set of IF functions.

    For example, you have the following input data.

    To compare whether values in FirstCompany and SecondCompany columns are equal, simply use #FirstCompany == #SecondCompany, this expression returs true or flase.

    To find out whether FirstCompany or SecondCompany columns have values, use ISBLANK function e.g. ISBLANK(#FirstCompany). It also returns true or false. 

    Now you could use the IF function to put generate value in a new column based on the desired condition.

    IF(#FirstCompany == #SecondCompany;"Existing";null) - this formula puts Existing into a new column in case the FirstCompany name equals the SecondCompany name and returns nothing (null) in case the otherwise.

    And, of course, you could use nested IFs to have more conditions included.

    The following formula will return:

    1. Existing in case the value in the FirstCompany column equals the value in the SecondCompany column.
    2. L in case the FirstCompany exists and the SecondCompany is empty
    3. W in case the SecondCompany exists and the FirstCompany is empty
    4. nothing (null) in case values exist in both columns but they are not equal (it seems you haven't covered this case in your description).
    IF(#FirstCompany == #SecondCompany;"Existing";IF(ISBLANK(#FirstCompany);"W";IF(ISBLANK(#SecondCompany);"L";null)))

    I hope this information helps you to proceed further with the use-case.


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  • shiva Karat

    I'm pretty new to Datameer.

    Thanks for helping me out Danyliuk !!



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  • Konsta Danyliuk

    You are welcome, Shiva.
    If you will have any further questions on this topic, please do not hesitate to ask.

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