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  • Konsta Danyliuk

    Hello Natasha.
    I hope you are doing fine and staying safe these days.

    The general syntax of the IF function is IF(<Condition>;<Then>;<Else>), thereby you need a third argument in your examples, what to put in case the condition is false.

    For example, the following formulas return D and L respectively in case the condition is true and Z if it is false.

    IF(#_01_USDCs!Warehouse == "F"; "D"; "Z")
    IF(#_01_USDCs!Warehouse == "K"; "L"; "Z")

    If you want the formula to rerun an empty value in case the condition is false, you could use null.

    IF(#_01_USDCs!Warehouse == "F"; "D"; null)
    IF(#_01_USDCs!Warehouse == "K"; "L"; null)

    In case you need to have more than one condition you could use logical operators AND (&&)  and OR (||). The syntax is the following.

    IF(#_01_USDCs!Warehouse == "A" || #_01_USDCs!Warehouse == "B"; "C"; "Z")
    IF(#_01_USDCs!Warehouse == "A" && #_01_USDCs!ID == 254; "C"; "Z")

    I hope this helps. Do not hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions.

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    Hi Konsta,


    Thank you for your reply!


    If I have more then one IF statement in one formula how to make it all work together. For example, the first IF statement with || just works by itself but if I add more like here below it gives me error. Should I use &&?


    IF(#_01_USDCs!Warehouse=="A" || #_01_USDCs!Warehouse=="B";"C"; null)

    IF(#_01_USDCs!Warehouse=="D";"E"; null)

        IF(#_01_USDCs!Warehouse=="F";"G"; null)


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  • Konsta Danyliuk

    Hi Natasha.
    In this case, you could use a set of nested IF functions, just put the subsequent statement instead of the else argument.


    For your example it should be something like:

    IF(#_01_USDCs!Warehouse=="A" || #_01_USDCs!Warehouse=="B"; "C"; IF(#_01_USDCs!Warehouse=="D"; "E"; IF(#_01_USDCs!Warehouse=="F"; "G"; null)))



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    Spasibo Konstantin!!!!

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