Datameer --> Snowflake : Timestamp Issue



  • Konsta Danyliuk

    Hello Anson.
    I hope you are enjoying the holiday time.

    I've tried to export the date column to Snowflake in my lab and got a similar result. The Datameer date value Dec 30, 2020 10:48:27 AM landed on Snowflake table at the TIMESTAMP_NTZ(9) column as 52967-06-27 23:39:05.000.

    As a workaround, you could convert the date column in the Workbook to string before export via e.g. FORMATDATE(#ColumnName;"yyyy-MM-dd HH:ss:mm"). During the export, this column will be exported as stings and appear in Snowflake exactly as "yyyy-MM-dd HH:ss:mm" (varchar), e.g. 2020-12-30 10:22:56.

    I will also raise the concern to our engineering team so this is addressed in future versions or at least explained in the documentation.

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  • Alan Mark

    Hi Anson,

    Can you please check your junk mail or spam for emails from me?  I've reached out to you on a few occasions directly

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  • Anson Chan

    Hello Konsta, Alan,

    Many thanks for the response. Yes, I've returned your enquiry and provided the information required.

    Happy new year!


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