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    Brian Junio


    Good afternoon!

    Yes, what you are looking for is possible.  

    First, you will need to ensure the users are in a compatible group configuration.   For example, all of the developers belong to a DEV group and either the lead developer or perhaps the admin are in a different group such as PROD.  Then you can assign read/write permissions based on group membership.

    It is also possible to have one user responsible for owning the read-only Workbooks and share just read access to the group DEV.  This sharing user can even be a part of the DEV group, but keep the ownership of the artifacts as personal with sharing enabled. 

    For more additional information, please review the following Datameer documentation:




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  • Ganesh Saptharishi

    Hi Brian Junio,  Thanks.  I just set up a user to a different group.  I am not an admin.  we now have two groups.

    1. global_prdrw and region_prdrw.  I tried to cascade permissions for both groups but is not working.  also I have selected a workbook inside a folder and in the Sharing tab tried including the global and region.  But i get an error message saying only one group is allowed.  How to ensure that I have a folder which has read/write access to two different groups.


    Thanks in advance for your inputs


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  • Konsta Danyliuk

    Hello Ganesh.

    If you run Datameer with impersonation, you can't share an artifact with more than one group - the permissions are applied to files and folders in HDFS as well, as one can't share a file with more than one group. Please refer to the Single group mode and Secure Impersonation with Datameer sections of our documentation for more details.

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